Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Wyrding Well
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It is said that Wyrding Wells are set upon sites where the blood of the world bubbles to the surface. This amber liquid has magical, if unpredictable, properties and is a prized ingredient in many potions and elixirs.

Providing it is not in combat, a unit within 3" can drink from the well at the end of its Movement phase. Roll a D6 on the following table to discover the outcome of the unit's incautious imbibing:




Magical Poisoning: Models in the unit cannot make any voluntary action (including shooting, casting spells, channelling, using magic items and so on) until the start of the following turn, whilst copious vomiting ensues.


Ailments Banished: The unit immediately recovers 2D6 wounds’ worth of models, as described for the Lore of Life Regrowth spell.


The Gift of Oblivion: The coursing earthblood erases all fear and sensation from the minds of the drinkers. The unit is subject to the rules for Stupidity and is Unbreakable for the remainder of the game.

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