Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 8th Edition

Charnel Pit
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In a world of unremitting war, a decent burial is something granted to only the luckiest. For the remainder, eternal repose begins in a mass grave, with enough stones atop to deter wild beasts, and enough icons to draw down the blessings of various gods of the dead. Alas, most such charnel pits attract Necromancers and other dark sorcerers like, well, vultures to carrion. By the time these foul folk have finished with the pit's contents, it is sure to be little more than a blood-slicked pit, strewn with body parts and a lingering unholy taint that instills fear in all but the bravest warriors.

All units within 6" of the charnel pit suffer a -1 penalty to their Leadership. Undead units within 6" of the charnel pit have the Regeneration (6+) special rule to represent their easy access to replacement parts.

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